101 InsurTech Startups Revolutionizing the $4.5-Trillion-Dollar Insurance Industry

By Elena Mesropyan for LTP

The young, but extremely vibrant history of InsurTech proves it to be one of the most electric industries to follow in 2017 and beyond. An ever-expanding list of outstanding InsurTech startups is already shaking up the $4.5-trillion-dollar industry by leveraging technological capabilities. The use of disruptive technologies like big data, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile technology, AI, social network and blockchain are gaining momentum and InsurTech firms are looking for a scope to capitalize it.

The rapid growth of InsurTech startups, interest from VC firms and the corporate world served as a sign that the ecosystem has a tremendous potential and requires action to leverage those opportunities. In response to the flourishing startup environment, opportunistic minds have built InsurTech-focused accelerators to nourish the next big idea and the next Uber of insurance.

Meanwhile, hundreds of InsurTech startups around the world prove that the insurance industry cannot move forward without complete revamp of traditional models of delivering insurance products. In various ways, the startup community is reimagining insurance, bringing advanced technologies to the biggest industries around the world.

The following list of 101 InsurTech companies is certainly not exhaustive but contains some of the most interesting examples of forward-thinking insurance solutions providers that target various members of the industry with tech-powered offerings.

Accuscore (former Acculitx) provides world-class expertise for identification of driver risk to the fleet safety.

Allay enables companies to work with the broker of their choice to do online, paperless health insurance purchasing and full HR and benefits administration. Companies can ensure compliance with local and federal employment laws, have all their benefits plans in one place, and help employees understand their benefits and self-manage their HR information – everything online.

American Well offers software, services, and access to clinical services – everything one needs to offer a complete telehealth service – whether it’s a health plan, an employer, or a delivery network. The company’s mobile and web service connects doctors with patients for live, on-demand video visits over the internet and handles all the administration, security, and record keeping that modern healthcare requires.

Amodo provides a state-of-the-art customer behavior analytics and usage-based insurance platform. Amodo is a post-revenue company which has achieved a very steady and rapid growth since the very founding date (end of March 2013). With Amodo’s technology, insurers leverage on digital channels and connected devices such as smartphones, connected cars and wearables to acquire and engage new customers.

Analyze Re’s PRIME.RE platform offers advanced reinsurance technology to unlock new ways of risk pricing and optimization.

AppSichern offers insurance protection for short periods – for example for sporting events, business trips or children’s school trips.

Array Health is a leading provider of private insurance exchange technology. Its cloud-based software platform enables health plans of any size to power their own branded online exchanges – a strategic channel that helps them compete and thrive in the post-health-reform world.

BankBazaar.com is a neutral online marketplace that provides instant customized rate quotes on loans and insurance products. The platform allows the user to instantly search, compare and apply for loans, credit cards and insurance products. Since the company partners with India’s leading financial institutions and insurance firms, users have an access to a comprehensive range of policies and rates.

Bayzat is a Dubai-based medical insurance technology startup that offers plans from leading insurers, easy payment and powerful technology to access health benefits online.

BIDU is an online insurance comparison platform for insurance products in the categories of auto, health, home and more. The platform aggregates results for leading solution providers to provide the optimum alternative to the user.

Bima is the leader in mobile-delivered insurance in emerging markets. Launched in late 2010, Bima currently reaches seven million people across eight countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, including Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Honduras.

Bought By Many is a free, members-only service that helps users to find insurance for the things in life that are out of the ordinary. Members save an average of 18.6%. The company negotiates discounts directly with insurers for the clients’ unique situations.

Brolly is a UK-based personal insurance management app and broker that allows users to manage their policies in one place and understand where they have duplicate or missing coverage.

Claim Di is a mobile application for facilitating communication and claims between drivers and their insurance companies. The drivers or car owners can download Claim Di and shake the phone near the phone of another party who also uses Claim Di. The insurance companies of both sides will issue claim reports via the Claim Di application, drivers can then separate immediately without the need to wait for surveyors.

Clark is an insurance platform that provides a transparent, cheap and comprehensive insurance cover.

Collective Health is a technology company that works to create the healthcare experience everyone deserves. The insurer claims to have a complete health insurance solution to help the best companies in the US to take better care of their people.

CommonEasy is an online platform where users can create a safety net with their social network.

ComparaOnline is the leading price comparison site for financial and insurance services in Latin America.

CoverFox is an online insurance destination containing all types of policies across carriers that can be directly bought on the platform.

CoverHound offers a platform for consumers to shop for car insurance.

Covomo is a plan comparison platform for travel insurance.

Cuvva was launched in October as an iOS app that enables the user to sign up, get a quote and buy cover in less than 10 minutes. Cuvva offers a completely digital experience run from a smartphone. It is a totally new type of UK car insurance that gets users covered on a car for only as long as they need it – from a single hour to a whole day.

DigitalTech-International’s solution is a plug-and-play SaaS which enables insurers to manage the insurance IoT value chain from data gathering to service delivery with a smartphone-based cross-business line, putting the customer at the center. It is all based on an ecosystem of partners that are connected to the different lines of ‘connected insurance.’

DriveFactor, a CCC company, is a leader in insurance telematics, offering powerful, flexible technology and solutions. The DriveFactor platform is built on a dynamic, scalable architecture, accepting data from any input method and enabling easy sharing with business partners. The team has built its technology and apps from the ground up for insurance, and applies its expertise to help clients customize telematics solutions to meet their short- and long-term needs.

Dynamis Software Corporation provides CDHC plan optimization tools for health insurance brokers. It offers the Dynamic Plan Designer, which allows brokers to interactively evaluate plan options with employers.

EaseCentral enables agents to easily setup and manage HR and benefit administration on behalf of their clients. The company’s team is equipped to train insurance agents and their staff to quickly and effectively manage their entire book of business using EaseCentral.

Eligible offers eligibility and payment APIs for medical services.

Eucon is a global system provider of market information and data-based systems for vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers in the automotive aftermarket. The company is also a leading digitalization partner for insurance companies, using advanced technologies to set up an efficient claims settlement process. Eucon implements digital processes to assist its customers in real estate management to establish an automated and efficient document workflow.

EverQuote is a quantitative Internet marketing firm focused on applying sophisticated mathematics and enterprise-class technology to the car insurance industry.

FinanceFox provides users the option to manage and optimize all insurances in one app. Current insurances are retrievable with one click and users can get personal advice in order to optimize your policies.

FirstBest Systems, Inc. provides software solutions for property and casualty insurers. It offers solutions that include underwriting workstations, agent portals, agency connectivity and new business systems.

Friendsurance has implemented the concept of online P2P insurance which combines social networks with well-established insurance companies. Customers can connect to form individual insurance networks, thereby lowering their annual insurance premiums by up to 50%.

Gather is a P2P insurance platform for small businesses. Gather empowers business communities to self-insure and coverage is offered through a captive which is owned by the businesses it insures.

GetInsured has emerged as the leading provider of online technology and customer service solutions for state governments, employers and consumers who need easy access to affordable health insurance. More than 1.3 million Americans enrolled in ACA health coverage through GetInsured’s platforms during the 2014 open enrollment period.

Givesurance provides charities with a regular stream of donations from their supporters who have either already donated or maxed out. Charities can create a campaign on Givesurance and reach out to their donors or integrate the Givesurance donation wallet on their website through an API.

GoHealth is an online portal for finding health insurance coverage, allowing users to compare health insurance quotes and make purchases online.

Goji combines the personalized, comparison shopping experience of a local agent with the ease and convenience of buying car insurance directly from a carrier.

Gravie helps consumers choose and buy insurance, pay for it and manage all healthcare expenses.

GreenLife Insurance is India’s largest web & mobile app-based marketplace that makes insurance procurement effortless. Customers come for the convenience of use, saving time and finding the best deals by comparing. It offers a personalized service through a personal dashboard, policy history, claim status, knowledge portal, renewal reminder, SMS & FAQ.

GroupHub helps small businesses by making it easy and affordable to get quality insurance and benefits.

Guevara offers a whole new way to think about car insurance. The service allows users to pool premiums online to save money. Unlike traditional insurance, any money left in the pool at the end of the year stays with the group and lowers everyone’s price next year. Users that keep claims low can save up to 80%.

Haven Life is a New York City-based online provider of term life insurance. Haven Life relies on computers to quickly make decisions on policies up to $1 million via an online questionnaire, state motor-vehicle records, prescription drug histories and other data.

HealthCare.com is an online healthcare search and comparison engine. It is called the Kayak.com for health insurance.The privately-owned HealthCare.com claims to be the nation’s leading unbiased search engine and comparison tool for health insurance plans. The website features over 120,000 plans, including all of the state-based exchange plans, federal exchange plans and many private, off-exchange plans.

HealthSherpa makes it easy to find and sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. They only use carefully vetted, publicly available data and are not affiliated with any lobby, trade group or government agency.

Hixme recommends the best health plans based on each employee so that they can make their choice easily and efficiently.

InforcePRO specializes in aggregating life policy data, contract performance information and live market quotes to monitor and mine hundreds of thousands of in-force (existing) policies for insurers, banks and agencies. “Orphan” policies need to be captured from in-force data downloads and prioritized for action to both reduce compliance headaches and generate new business.

Inspeer allows users to share insurance “deductibles” with their friends and family members. It allows users to select the people with whom they plan to share the deductibles.

insuremyrentalcar.com provides collision damage waiver and loss damage waiver policies for use with rental vehicles in the US. The company’s package starts from $5 a day to $93.99 per year.

Inspool uses the power of social networks to let drivers connect with family and friends to form their own insurance groups. The group pools premiums together online and trusts each other to only claim when necessary and not to inflate claims.

InsureMyRentalCar provides collision damage waiver and loss damage waiver policies for use with rental vehicles in the US. The company’s package starts from $5 a day to $93.99 per year.

Insurify offers the fastest way to compare car insurance quotes.

Jointly is a P2P platform for car insurance. With Jointly, customers can receive up to 70% of the premium back when they keep claims low.

Justworks makes it easy and affordable for businesses to hire and take care of people – freeing them to invest their time in what matters: building their company. Justworks provides an access to enterprise-level benefits and services.

KASKO enables innovative digital businesses to offer relevant insurance services to their customers via the company’s modular API.

Knip is an innovative digital insurance manager that provides users with an easy-to-understand overview and analysis of existing insurance policies, tariffs and services.

Ladder combines the power of innovative technology with world-class financial and insurance expertise to make it easy for anyone to access life insurance. The company aims to make a tectonic change in the life insurance market and has some very notable investors backing its mission, among which are Lightspeed (Snapchat), Formation 8 (Oscar) and NYCA (Digit).

Lemonade is a P2P, technology-first and legacy-free insurance carrier that offers a product that is instantaneous, unconflicted and delightful. The company – which has not been launched yet – raised $13 million from Sequoia Capital, Expansion Venture Capital and Aleph.

Limelight Health is on a quest to make health insurance simple by leveraging years of insurance industry experience alongside innovative and mobile-first technology, Limelight Health provides a new platform and solution for health insurance agents and other health insurance professionals that connects and integrates data with other benefits technologies.

Lumity enables businesses to make smart health plan and benefits decisions. With powerful insights and tools via a simple online dashboard, the company’s benefits consulting-in-a-box helps employers select and optimize health plans that fit employee needs – while driving cost savings and better outcomes for everyone.

Maxwell Health is a fast-growing player in health IT as it is the first health-as-a-service platform (HaaS). The company’s revolutionary operating system for employee benefits engages employees, incentivizes a holistic view of health and provides a centralized place to access health and benefits services.

Metromile has created a device that captures mileage data to determine how much a person should pay for their car insurance policy. Free plug-in device turns ordinary cars into smart cars. The device works with Metromile’s smartphone app (Metronome), which diagnoses the health of the car, location and offers tips to help the user with their daily commute.

miEdge provides insurance producers with a powerful system of insurance lead generation.

Navera provides education and decision support products that help people make decisions about health care benefits and insurance options.

Neosurance provides the next-generation virtual insurance agent for insurance disruptors and reinsurers that want to sell contextual insurances in the age of the customer.

Oscar is a FinTech unicorn ($1.5-billion valuation) in the insurance space with notable investors like Google Ventures, Google Capital, Goldman Sachs, Khosla Ventures and others. Oscar aims to revolutionize insurance through data, technology and design.

Passportcard‘s real-time travel insurance solution revolutionizes the relationship between the insurer and its customers, introducing a new holistic approach with no out-of-pocket expenses, no paperwork and no long claim process, available already to hundreds of thousands of travelers. It is the world’s first travel insurance solution facilitating claims payout in real time – on the spot when the customer really needs it.

PeerCover is the only P2P insurance provider in New Zealand. PeerCover does not involve lending money to friends and family; instead, PeerCover makes cost-sharing simple and hassle-free and as a bonus, users can help out peers.

Picwell’s tool benefits everyone in the health plan purchasing ecosystem from consumers to carriers to marketplaces/exchanges and agents by making it easier, faster, better and simpler.

PlanSource is a benefits-powered HCM platform that provides consumers, employers, brokers and carriers with limitless benefits. It offers a benefits administration technology that automates various benefits transactions and connects with the insurance carriers.

PokitDok is a cloud-based API platform designed to make healthcare transactions more efficient and streamline the business of health.

PolicyX is an IRDA-approved insurance comparison portal helping consumers compare, choose and buy policies online. It provides health, motor, life, travel and corporate insurances from a wide range of insurers.

PolicyBazaar is India’s prominent online life insurance and general insurance aggregator that specializes in making comparative analyses of the insurance products of various insurance policies based on price, quality and key benefits. The company aims to empower customers with comparative and accurate information on insurance products combined with solution-driven customer service.

PolicyGenius offers a highly tailored insurance checkup platform where users can discover their coverage gaps and review solutions for their exact needs. PolicyGenius provides the only place online to shop for life, long-term disability and renters and pet insurance through its highly accurate quoting engines that offer side-by-side comparisons of tailored policies.

Praedicat is dedicated to improving the underwriting and management of liability catastrophe risk. The company’s patent-pending technology delivers information extracted from scientific literature on emerging risk. Praedicat’s team analyzes the risk with a structured approach incorporating applied legal reasoning and economics.

Prince is an early-stage InsurTech startup looking to innovate through a technology platform the affinity/professional lines space worldwide. The company is currently developing a professional-to-professional insurance platform, based on the peer-to-peer insurance concept. Prince, in partnership with professional member associations, will provide professional liabilities insurance to professional communities and bring professional communities together.

QuanTemplate is a revolutionary marketplace, communications and enterprise workflow technology that offers a secure Web-based platform for trading risk, regulatory reporting and creating financial models for use across the (re)insurance market. Through QuanTemplate, underwriters and brokers can conduct all operational activities required to trade in the insurance market while optimizing their risk in real time, all the time.

RenewBuy offers the simplest way to renew car insurance in a couple of minutes, providing quotes. RenewBuy focuses on car & bike insurance and aims to offer the lowest premiums and issue your policy instantly. The platform works in real time and provides the best available price specific for the vehicle model.

RiskMatch is an insurance platform that delivers Web-based solutions for insurance intermediaries and underwriting partners throughout the US. The company’s patented platform provides an array of portfolio management and placement solutions, analytics, internal and external benchmarking capabilities, and information management services designed to enhance performance, reduce costs, facilitate growth and improve client service.

Root is a tech company that offers an app to provide the best insurance rates for good drivers.

Schutzklick allows protecting individual items such as mobile phones, bicycles and glasses just by a few clicks.

Sherpaa connects employees directly with doctors and insurance guides online to reduce healthcare costs.

Shift Technology leverages the data science to automatically detect networks of fraudsters in insurance and e-commerce. The solution is integrated into the big data platform and is provided in a SaaS model.

SimplyInsured provides group health insurance quotes that enable small businesses to estimate their real out-of-pocket costs.

Snapsheet (previously known as BodyShopBids) is a free app for iPhone, Android and the Web that allows users to receive bids from local auto body shops.

Snapsure’s insurancebot, with intelligent, self-learning algorithms, generates custom product proposals based on image information. This is the worldwide first AI in the insurance business based on image recognitions. The company provides White-Label-API for insurance companies, which allows them to create a new market access to their target group.

Spex is a technology platform that enables users to better handle disaster-related insurance claim inspections.

Stride Health is the first health insurance recommendation engine tuned and tailored to the life of the individual. It helps to keep doctors, drugs and get apples-to-apples comparisons of health plans.

Superscript (formerly Digital Risks) is a specialist insurance provider that focuses 100% on the needs of digital businesses. Partnering with leading underwriters, Digital-Risks has developed a cover for today’s complex and evolving technical risks, with a subscription model ideally suited to startup and small businesses.

Sure claims to be the newest innovation in personal insurance that will be launching on-demand insurance worldwide this year.

Sureify is a life insurance technology company focused on creating innovative life insurance products. Sureify’s product offering has two fronts: consumer-facing and carrier-facing. On the consumer side, the Sureify product ties life insurance to the latest in health tracking devices, allowing policyholders to save on premiums each month as a reward for meeting health goals.

TaCerto is an online insurance broker specializing in sales of car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance and other financial products. It is duly authorized by the Superintendent of Private Insurance (SUSEP). Through their online portal, buyers can also compare insurance from insurers like Allianz, AIG, MAPFRE, etc. and buy them over a call or online. The company claims to provide an online innovative service to learn about, compare and purchase financial products and services.

The Zebra is the nation’s largest quote comparison platform which focuses on car insurance. Car owners can anonymously compare dozens of insurance companies in real time and begin seeing estimated quotes with as little as two pieces of information. Real-time updates provide a transparent shopping experience.

Tikkr is a mobile application providing customized, short-duration and on-demand insurance protection. Tikkr seeks to provide solutions that allow users to purchase insurance when they perceive the greatest need. The user will have the flexibility to either purchase a defined bundle for a set of experience-specific, limited-coverage, customer insurance solutions, or to build their product from the ground up. Tikkr is a part of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) FinTech Hackcelerator.

TongJuBao is a P2P risk sharing platform. It establishes a community of shared interests and social relations among Internet users, thereby spreading mutual assistance.

Trov offers Web and mobile applications to help users track possessions and assist in advising in wealth and estate planning, property management, insurance coverage, private social connectivity, asset disposition, charitable giving and more.

TrueMotion (former Censio) is a smartphone-only, usage-based insurance platform that helps in increasing adoption, reducing costs and collecting better data to drive risk algorithms.

Tyche helps stakeholders in legal claims estimate the value of those claims.

Uvamo works as a marketplace where both insurance seekers and investors planning to invest in the insurance sector come together. The company leverages technology and replaces the traditional middleman, thereby providing lower premiums to policyholders and attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors. Uvamo’s online data and technology allow to quickly assess the risk of the desired insurance policy and assign appropriate premiums.

Zenefits allows users to manage all the aspects of HR—payroll, benefits (health insurance), compliance and more – in an online dashboard.

Zest Health provides a mobile application for consumers, employers and providers to be more informed health consumers.

Zhong An Online P&C Insurance Co. is China’s first online-only insurer. The Chinese insurer was started in 2013 with backing from Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s financial-services affiliate. Zhong An innovative insurance is an Internet-based insurance company data. Big data allows insurers cannot meet the needs of the past becomes possible.

Zipari’s customer experience platform provides deep analytics and real-time recommendations to optimize consumer experience and improve customer satisfaction in the healthcare industry. The platform integrates with major CRM solutions providing industry-specific workflow management for healthcare companies to improve customer acquisition and retention.

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