Samsung launches a rewards program to get people using Samsung Pay mobile payments

By Fastcompany

The tech giant hopes that giving people incentives will increase adoption of its mobile payments platform. It’s launching its Samsung Rewards program this week for Samsung device owners. Here are the top lines:

• You have to have a Samsung Galaxy phone. You have to have a Samsung account, then sign up for a rewards account.

• Every time you use Samsung Pay to make a purchase you earn points. The more you use Pay during the month, the more points each transaction earns.

• To redeem your points, you select items from a “Rewards Catalog” featuring products from Samsung’s retail partners. Samsung also says points can be redeemed for “a variety of items, including gift cards to some of nation’s most popular retailers, prepaid Samsung Rewards Visa gift cards, Samsung products and more.”

• Read the full terms here.

Samsung Pay launched well after Apple Pay, and still lags well behind in adoption.

First appeared at Fastcompany