Scorechain Releases New Version of Powerful Bitcoin Blockchain Analytics


The Luxembourg-based startup has just released a new version of its product with a new design, new interface, new logo and most importantly, a lot of new features. The online platform offers activity reports and advanced analytics for AML(anti-money laundering) and KYT (Know your Transaction) in order to assess risks of bitcoin movements and provide the needed tools that help its regulation.

Based on innovative data analysis, Scorechain unveiled the Scorechain Index: SCx. This brand new feature implementation is able to score bitcoin addresses and transactions depending on their activity throughout the blockchain. The SCx guides users to define the level of trust they want to give to their counterparts and customers. SCx is a metric between 0 and 100 and is based on manual scoring and automated processing.

The platform also increases its performance with the now advanced clusterization with an improved detection of a group of bitcoin addresses. This new interface is now more intuitive as users can browse any single or group of bitcoin addresses transactions in real time using interactive graphs, new cutting-edge pie charts and data sheets – all features are also accessible via API.

Scorechain Releases New Version of Powerful Bitcoin Blockchain Analytics

Users can access basic analytics and transaction tracking tools with a free membership while the Standard Licensetargets companies who want to access advanced features to comply with the regulation requirements. Besides, the startup claims a customer-centric strategy, as such Pierre Gérard, CEO states: ‘We want our solutions to meet Bitcoin users’ actual needs and anticipate financial regulators constraints. Today we address Bitcoin activities while continuing to promote Research & Development on other blockchains providing smart-contracts implementation.’ In the meantime, Scorechain launches its ‘Lab’ available on its website which gives an overview of its Proof-Of-Concepts development based on the blockchain technologies.

Today, Scorechain operates worldwide and serves the first regulated bitcoin exchanges, as well as audit firms and forensics experts who need tools to monitor any bitcoins businesses.

First appeared at LTP