Watch all six episodes of TechCrunch series Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain

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Our latest video series explores the world of bitcoin and the blockchain, and you can now watch all six episodes on YouTube and

The series features Nathaniel Popper, a New York Times reporter and the author of the bookon which the series is based, along with several bitcoin developers, influencers and scholars tracing the history of bitcoin and analyzing its future.

Episode 1 seeks to explain the blockchain, the technology that allows bitcoins to be transferred between entities, and the motives behind its creators. The episode also examines the platform’s future and how it will be received by governments and big banks, the very institutions its creators were trying to sidestep — or even overturn.

Episode 2 explores bitcoin mining and the role that miners have in governing the system.

Episode 3 dives into bitcoin’s identity and how it must choose what it wants to be.

Episode 4 investigates the rise of blockchain.

Episode 5 looks at Ethereum and its possible implications as well as the effects of a hack on its Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Episode 6 explores the battle between the open blockchain (Silicon Valley) and the closed blockchain (Wall Street).

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