Troops raises $7 million for its Salesforce-powered bot

By Khari Johnson for VB

Troops, a bot that lets you speak with your Salesforce data, announced the end of a $7 million funding round today, and that the bot is now available to the public. Until today, Troops had been a private beta testing with about 350 companies.

Troops allows sales teams to interact with CRM data and configure workflow directly on chat apps like Slack.

“We started the company with that vision that we wanted to use enterprise workflow and functionality with messaging which we believe is the next big platform where people will treat it as the operating systems for their business,” Troops cofounder Scott Britton told VentureBeat on the phone.


“We’re going to be completely opening up access to our product, which allows you to really just provides an amazing experience for people that use Salesforce for their job, whether they’re a sales person, a customer success person, even customer support person or executive just to get the information and the things that they need in an incredibly easy way as well as being able to set up timely intelligent triggers and prompts,” he said.

The most recent round of funding was led by Felicis Ventures with participation from the Slack Fund, First Round Review, Aspect Ventures, Chicago Ventures, and Flight VC.

Troops Backend_2

Above: How to customize the Troops experience on Slack


“I think that the companies that are going to be successful in this new era are going to be very focused, and for us we’re just going to continue to go deeper on the existing integrations and use cases that we have,” Britton said.

A $1.5 million seed round led by First Round Capital in 2015 and additional seed extension in late 2015 to build an early-version of current Troops product.

Based in New York, Troops currently has seven full-time employees but the company is looking to make additional hires. The new $7 million in funding will be used to hire new employees, continue to iterate and invest in Troops, support Troops users, and engineering.

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