Lloyds Bank implements Touch ID

Over two million Lloyd Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers* can now access mobile banking twice as quickly as before…with just their fingerprint.

Using Apple’s fingerprint authentication technology, Touch ID enables customers to log into online banking with a finger or thumb print instead of memorable information and means they can access to their accounts quickly and securely.

This biometric form of authentication is a secure login method as it requires a physical verification rather than something the customer needs to remember, such as three characters from their memorable information.

Steve Hicks, Head of Mobile, says: “Touch ID is one of a series of improvements planned in the next 12 months focused around making the banking experience simpler for customers. It is amazing how such a small change, can have such a large impact on our customers mobile banking experience. Over time biometrics will transform the way that customers authenticate with the bank whilst enhancing their security.”