University of Cantabria Hosts Bitcoin And Blockchain Technologies Course

By The Berkle

Bitcoin and blockchain courses are gaining in popularity all over the world as of late. A special summer course will be held at the University of Cantabria on July 14 and 15. Various topics will be touched upon, and the course is primarily aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. Airbitz, the popular Bitcoin wallet provider, plays a key role in organizing this event.

Educating people about the concept of Bitcoin and its underpinning technology is in high demand. Throughout the years, it has become evident this is an opportunity worth exploring further. The University of Cantabria in Spain decided to launch a unique summer course, spanning two days.

This course could not come at a better time, given the financial woes, Southern European countries are dealing with. Greece, Italy, and Spain were all hit very hard during the economic crisis and are still trying to recover. At the same time, this is an opportune time to tell people about the alternatives, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Airbitz COO Will Pangman told The Merkle:

“The faculty at the University of Cantabria sought us out to help enhance the course they were offering, and we were thrilled to participate. Airbitz is always eager to support Bitcoin education and outreach initiatives. We look forward to working with more institutions and educators to spread awareness of digital currencies and how blockchain technologies are changing our world.”

Among the topics being touched upon is the history of electronic money and the fundamentals of Bitcoin. A hands-on approach with Bitcoin is on the agenda as well, and all attendees will use the Airbitz wallet in the process. The second day is all about the Bitcoin ecosystem, an introduction to the blockchain, and see how both technologies entwine.

Giving attendees such a hands-on approach during the workshops will help them understand Bitcoin and blockchain better. For most people, it is all a matter of seeing how it works, and then it clicks in their head.  Among the sponsors for this event are Airbitz, Bitcoin Santander Meetup, and Distrito Beta.