Blockchain guru Blythe Masters named Santander adviser

By Lynsey Barber for CityAM

Santander has put blockchain guru Blythe Masters in charge of advising the bank on the fledgling technology.

The former JP Morgan executive has sprung to fame in the world of blockchain with her startup Digital Asset Holdings, which has raised $60m (£46m) from the likes of Santander, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, among others.

“Masters will bring her expertise in banking, business and blockchain where it will have significant impact to our digital bank, International Advisory Board and strategy team,” said Santander boss Ana Botin.

Masters was a non-executive chairwoman of Santander’s US operations until the new appointment and will also join the board of Santander’s online bank Openbank.

Masters said the new role was a more expansive one with the bank. She will remain chief executive of the two-year-old Digital Asset.

Santander recently revealed that it was trialling a blockchain-based app for international payments among staff, one of the first UK banks to use it in this way. The bank has invested in US startup Ripple via its venture arm which invested in Digital Asset Holdings.

First appeared at CityAM