Up and to the right: April’s biggest valuation jumps

Kyle Stanford from Pitchbook

Valuations are in the VC dialogue more than maybe ever before. Nearly as many companies in the U.S. are valued at $1 billion+ than at $500 million to $999 million, an unbalanced ratio that has come about after years of startups and investors doing anything possible to achieve the marketable status. But with all the talk about unicorns and how their valuations may be negatively affected in the current environment, there are still plenty of companies that are seeing impressive growth.

Using the PitchBook Platform, which tracks over 25,000 VC valuations, we pulled all of April’s completed U.S. funding rounds and ranked them by largest valuation step-up multiple and post-money dollar increase. Below are the largest valuation jumps.

Our valuation step-up multiple compares a company’s latest pre-money valuation to its previous round’s post-money valuation, helping to benchmark performance across industries or between comparables. 

Largest valuation jumps by step-up multiple

Largest post-money valuation gains

First appeared at Pitchbook