Pay for gas on ExxonMobil app with Apple Pay

By Katie Roof for

You can now use Apple Pay to buy gas at 6,000 ExxonMobil locations across the U.S. The transactions can be made through the free Speedpass app, meaning that customers won’t have to get out of the car to fill their tank, if they’re at a full-service station.

Even if you have to leave your vehicle to use the pump, ExxonMobil suggests that this will reduce your time outside in unsafe locations and inclement weather.  (If you’ve ever suffered an East Coast winter, you know that minimizing your time outside is key to survival).

The easy-to-use app also stores and emails receipts. It can also be used to purchase car washes.

Introduced in fall 2014, Apple Pay now partners with millions of retailers. By paying with an Apple Watch or a thumbprint on the iPhone, the Apple Pay aims to offer a more secure and efficient alternative to a credit card. Android and Samsung have introduced similar options as well.

Check out the above video to see how Apple Pay works at ExxonMobil.

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