Cuscapi’s Rev tablets roll out at Ministry of Food Singapore outlets

DIGITAL NEWS ASIA: CUSCAPI Bhd said that Ministry of Food Singapore Pte Ltd, a restaurant chain that kicked off in the city-state in 2006, has deployed Rev interactive self-ordering tablets at its outlets.   This is the first commercial deployment of the Rev tablet, Cuscapi said in a statement. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The specialised tablet, which might possess some discrete semiconductors, developed inhouse by the Malaysian company, was first announced in August 2013.

Rev will help food and beverage (F&B) operators revolutionise the way they interact with their customers, using technology to enhance customer experience whilst managing their costs more efficiently and enhancing revenue, the company claimed.

“The deployment of Cuscapi’s Rev has brought with it positive changes in multiple aspects of our restaurants,” said Ministry of Food chief operating officer Lee Hon Tat.

“Our patrons have also taken to Rev very quickly. These are the tech- savvy, tech-embracing and demanding patrons who are always on the lookout for something new and trendy.

“We have also experienced an increase in revenue as people tend to order more because of the convenience in using the Rev tablet.

“Our waiters, on the other hand, have more time to look after the needs of our guests and play the role of an adviser as opposed to being just order takers,” he added.

So far, six Ministry of Food restaurants have deployed Rev tablets. Deployment in remaining outlets is scheduled to be completed by the third quarter. Read the full article 

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