New York-Based Onevest Launches Series A Financing

DEALSTREETASIA:  New York-based​ startup investment platform Onevest announced the launch of its Series A round of financing last Friday, to mark the implementation of Title IV of the JOBS Act by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to facilitate smaller companies’ access to capital.

This change in the US regulatory landscape allows startups in America to raise up to $50 million from accredited and non­-accredited investors for the first time in 80 years.

The Series A offering is already live on Onevest’s network and transactional platform.

Onevest connects early stage startups with accredited investors. Last year, the company facilitated the close of over 15 transactions averaging between $750,000 and $4,500,000.

This year Onevest expects to double the amount of companies that successfully raise capital on the platform, the company said in a press statement.

Onevest co-founder & executive chairman Alejandro Cremades, said: “Given that 65 per cent of the net new jobs are created by small businesses, this is a huge success for our economy and for innovation. Without a doubt, we are experiencing a unique moment in time as now companies can raise different rounds of financing online from anyone in America.”

In 2014, the company acquired CoFoundersLab, the largest matchmaking service for co–founders. With that, Onevest is creating a curated network with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs and investors from the formation of the startup.

“This gives Onevest a significant competitive advantage at capturing the best deal flow early on before the transactional stage where all the equity crowdfunding competitors are operating,” the company stated.

One of the recent successful acquisitions done via CoFoundersLab services was Revolv, which was acquired by Google.

As of today, Onevest has created one of the largest networks in the startup ecosystem with over 80,000 founders and 15,000 investors registered on its curated startup investment marketplace.

Current investors of Onevest include SOL Ventures, MAPAMUNDI Ventures, Militello CapitalFortify VenturesMaryland Venture FundTalent Equity VenturesRobin Hood VenturesMid­Atlantic Angel Group members, amongst others.

There are over 14,000 introductions between co-founders per quarter and at least 21 of the major startup hubs in America are using a white label solution of its service to build teams. This includes, top ivy league schools and the biggest accelerator network, OneVest said.

Onevest also has 4,000 advisers with the goal of mentoring its founders and offline events that are organised by 50 volunteers across 35 different cities every month with over 20,000 people attending.