Why People In Finance and Insurance Are The Unhappiest Employees?

FAST COMPANY: A $70,000 salary has been shown to secure daily satisfaction, so much so that the founder of Gravity Payments recently bumped his staff’s minimum wage to that magic number. But a recent report indicates that a solid paycheck doesn’t always buy happiness at work. In fact, some of the best paid workers in stable jobs are the least satisfied.

According to new research by TINYpulse, less than a quarter (22%) of employees at financial services companies are “truly happy” at work. This is in sharp contrast to TINYPulse’s findings on construction workers, who are among the happiest.

The survey, which analyzed over 3,000 survey responses from 60 different financial services companies ranging from banking to real estate, prompted a number of cringeworthy comments on three main factors that had a negative impact on their work. They were:


  • -Dissatisfaction with colleagues
  • -Dissatisfaction with management
  • -Low employee appreciation and recognition

In its 2014 Employee Engagement report, TINYpulse found that the number one driver of happiness at work is recognition from colleagues. Judging by their comments, financial workers aren’t getting many pats on the back from BFFs on the job. Forty-six percent said they were either indifferent or dissatisfied with their colleagues.

Chief among their complaints:

  1. Having poor attitudes
  2. Not being motivated or taking responsibility
  3. Not being qualified for their role

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