Brett King’s Moven 4.0 (one of Life.SREDA’s portfolio companies) wins Best in Show at Finovate

THE FINANSER: I’ve been involved in Brett King’s new venture, Moven, since its inception and was pleased to see the new renovated version won Best in Show at Finovate yesterday in San Jose.  In a key announcement, Moven has partnered with Accenture to roll out their capabilities worldwide and, in what many are referring to as Bank 4.o, demonstrated key new features including links to the Apple Watch and a feature called Impulse that locks up your money unless you explicitly unlock it.

Jim Marous provided an in-depth review on the Financial Brand

New Moven App Encourages Savings, Eliminates Product Silos

Moven introduces a mobile banking application that uses real-time contextual insight to encourage savings, discourage impulse purchases and provide emergency funds seamlessly on a mobile phone or wearable device.

The introduction of its new Impulse Savings feature was one of several major expansions and enhancements to Moven’s overall experience that was introduced to another sold out crowd of bankers, investors, news media and others interested in fintech innovations. Moving beyond providing insight into spending behavior, Moven customers will have access to tools designed to encourage savings behavior and thus improve overall financial well being.

The Impulse Savings app from Moven introduces several innovative feature including:

  • ‘Lock Away Savings’ Prompts: With ‘lock away savings’, users are notified whenever their spending behavior has placed them far enough in the green (below their average spending) that it makes sense to set money aside. Moven gamifies that moment, turning that typical impulsive spending moment into a savings moment. This savings feature is perfect for the wearable form factor.
  • Visual Wish List Leveraging Pinterest, etc: The ability to set up a visual wish list of items a user wants to save for, as well as the option to quickly and simply curate these directly from a user’s Pinterest board and others in a few simple taps.
  • ‘Break the Glass’ to Unlock Savings: When users have reached a savings milestone, they can access their savings by tapping the app interface three times to simulate ‘breaking the glass’ – employing simple behavioral gamification to make the user think before spending their hard earned savings. If they proceed, their savings funds are immediately transferred into their Moven spending account for their desired purchase.

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ForbesMoven, which pioneered a smart phone banking app that helps users track their money and improve their savings, is expanding internationally with bank alliances and a partnership with Accenture. (A U.S. Moven account consists of a MasterCard debit card and an account at CBW Bank, a technologically aggressive bank based in Weir, Kansas. Moven has a licensing agreement with Westpac in New Zealand and has partnered with TD — Toronto-Dominion Bank — in Toronto.)

The Financial BrandAt a time when most traditional banks in the U.S. are falling behind consumer expectations with respect to providing basic mobile banking services, Moven continues to blaze a trail of innovation that disrupts conventional banking paradigms. New Moven app encourages savings, eliminates product silos.