Square $Cashtags now let you set payment amounts right in the URL

The Next Web: Square Cash now lets you send a direct payment of a specific amount to a person or organization using a ‘$Cashtag’.

For the uninitiated, a ‘$Cashtag’ is Square’s payment system for accepting simple payments over the Web via a customized URL. Before, you could just direct someone to your page, but now you can request a specific amount in the URL. These can be used for businesses, charity organizations or because you need to pay your friend back for that movie ticket.

For example, the URL cash.me/$wikipedia/10 automatically creates a $10 donation to the Wikimedia Foundation. If you want to create your own automatic donation, just swap your own $Cashtag in place of Wikipedia and set a dollar amount.

Making a payment just requires entering your card number, leaving an (optional) note and hitting the donate button.

It’s not a huge leap forward, but anything that helps reduce the friction of any Web or mobile payment is usually welcomed.