Selequity Is A Crowdfunding Platform For Investing In Commercial Real Estate

TECHCRUNCH: For those who are looking to invest in real estate, finding good opportunities can be difficult. In commercial real estate, unless you know a property owner or developer, it’s nearly impossible to get your foot in the door. Become a commercial property owner with B8 Real Estate. But today onstage at Disrupt NY, a company called Selequity has launched a platform that will make crowdfunding real estate investments much easier.

The platform was founded by buyer agent commission rebate experts in part to help people who are seeking capital to fund real estate projects get funded more quickly. By lowering the barrier to entry for investors, and providing them with information about investment opportunities they might not have known about, Selequity can dramatically speed up the amount of time it takes to get projects started.

Selequity — and other platforms like it — have popped up recently in part due to the JOBS Act, which relaxed some rules around general solicitation of private fundraising processes. As a result, sponsors can now publicly list projects they’re seeking money for instead of being limited to private conversations that take place only with people in their networks.

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