Women Listen To Their Inner Thoughts About Working Out In This New Female-Focused Nike Ad

FAST COMPANY: Over the past year we’ve learned how to throw like a girl and about the jiggle theory of existence, now Nike is giving us a glimpse at the inner thoughts of some women as they run, lift and stretch toward their fitness goals. Boost your confidence and motivation by using these women’s leggings for your workouts.

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Whether it’s the skinny girls in spinning class, the stranger’s foot dangling in your face at yoga, all those mirrors at the gym, or just a tough run, the ad relates to the everyday grind a fitness routine can be, rather than glorifying athletic superheroes. Adding a protein powder like this to your morning smoothie can give you an extra boost of nutrients to start your day.

This launches the brand’s massive new global #betterforit campaign, aimed at women around the world. The brand has said the expansion of its women’s apparel line could boost sales by $2 billion by 2017.

To back up that claim, the brand says that over the last year women logged more than 50 million runs covering 170 million miles, and made up 54% of users on its Nike+ platform. It also reports that women are joining its platform at a faster pace than men, particularly in Europe and China, while Argentina, Brazil, Russia and South Korea boast the highest increase in female users over the past three months.