Yuri Milner’s DST Global Invests Over $200 Million In Ola Cabs.

TOFLER: For the past few weeks, speculation has been rife that Russian Venture Capitalist Yuri Milner’s DST Global was set to invest $500 million in online cab aggregator Ola Cabs. The wait is now over. The latest funding round closed last week when ANI Technologies Private Limited, the owner of Ola Cabs, issued Series G of Preference Shares to various funds within the DST Global umbrella and to some of its existing investors. The company’s filings obtained from the Registrar of Companies reveals the list of investors and the money each has invested in these preference shares.

DST Asia IV DST Global INR 629.76 Crores (~$101.5 M)
DST Global IV Co-Invest Ltd. DST Global INR 94.27 Crores (~$15.2 M)
DST Investments XII Ltd. DST Global INR 428.36 Crores (~$69 M)
Apoletto Asia Ltd DST Global INR 134.27 Crores (~$21.65 M)
Internet Fund III Pte. Ltd. Tiger Global INR 252.03 Crores (~$40.65 M)
FO Mauritius I Ltd. INR 157.28 Crores (~$25.36 M)
OC Mauritius Investments Ltd. INR 125.70 Crores (~$20.27 M)
Steadview Capital Mauritius Ltd Steadview Capital INR 40.63 Crores (~$6.55 M)
LTR Focus Fund Steadview Capital INR 24.60 Crores (~$3.96 M)
Accel Growth III Holdings (Mauritius) Ltd. Accel Partners INR 31.42 Crores (~$5.07 M)
ABG Capital INR 29.20 Crores (~$4.7 M)
Rahul Mehta INR 4.60 Crores (~$740 k)
INR 1952 Crores (~$315 M)

While further fund infusion might be in the works, as it stands right now, DST has infused a little of $200M to join the list of famous investors in this rapidly growing icon in India.