Motif Investing Partners with Pacific Life to Offer Cause-Based Investing

FINOVATE: Online thematic investment brokerage Motif Investing has teamed up with Pacific Life to provide millennial investors with an opportunity to invest in the social causes they care most about. Four new motifs will be offered, each including stocks from major U.S. companies that have made significant contributions to charities and foundations focused on issues ranging from education and human rights to fighting poverty and cancer.

The new motifs will be offered through a new subsidiary, Swell Investing. The motifs will be managed by Pacific Life and Swell Investing, while Motif handles the technology and distribution. The company will donate 20% of its revenues to specific organizations within the four categories. Learn more about Swell Investing here.

Below is a list of the four new motifs and examples of the stocks they include:

  • Improve Education: General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Citi
  • End Poverty: Wells Fargo, Walmart, JP Morgan Chase
  • Fight Cancer: Aflac, Caterpillar, AT&T
  • Uphold Human Rights: Bank of America, Exxon-Mobil, Nike

The new motifs are designed with millennials in mind. In addition to helping socially-conscious thirty-something investors, the motifs are also low-cost and transparent, two other issues believed to be especially important to the millennial generation.

“The new cause-driven investing motifs demonstrate that one can align good investment strategies with personal values,” Hardeep Walia, CEO and co-founder of Motif Investing said. “At the same time, Swell can use these motif portfolios to connect with millennials in a meaningful and clearly differentiated way.”