Intel Joins the Blockchain Technology Race, Forms Special Research Group

BITCOIN MAGAZINE: IBM and Intel establish departments on blockchain technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies  

Last week Bitcoin Magazine reported that IBM is considering adopting the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin to create a digital cash and payment system for government and central banks. Now another technology giant is joining the digital fintech technology race: Intel is planning to investigate the potential of blockchain technology.

Intel has posted a job announcement for a new researcher to join its special innovation projects group to “investigate hardware and software capabilities that advance the performance, robustness, and scalability of open, decentralized ledgers.”

Working with a team of distributed systems, operating systems, and security technologists, the selected applicant will focus on the development of cutting-edge, cryptographic algorithms for improving the robustness and assurance of transaction verification within an open, decentralized ledger, according to Intel.

Applicants must be qualified in the areas of crypto algorithms, access control models and security/privacy protocols, proficient in the development of system and application software and familiar with relevant security and cryptographic standards.

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