Google Opening ‘Digital Garage’ To Help Businesses In Leeds

WIRED: Google is opening a pop-up workshop in Leeds in a bid to help local businesses improve their digital skills. The Digital Garage project will see Google give advice on how companies can use the internet to reach more customers and grow faster. The six-month trial in Leeds will open on 30 March and include a digital “tune-up” service for small businesses. Aspiring entrepreneurs are also encouraged to attend events organised by local partners and book one-to-one mentoring sessions on digital business skills.

As part of the project Google is investing in computer science and coding training for around 25,000 teachers. Working in partnership with Code Club Pro, Computing at Schools and Raspberry Pi, it will run workshops and events for teachers in local schools alongside online training resources. Raspberry Pi computers will also be donated to local schools.

Google plans to expand the project to four other UK cities, although it hasn’t announced where it will go next.

Business owners and teachers in the Leeds area can register for workshops and other events being run at the pop-up by visiting