Five Banking Innovations from Five Continents:  USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia Banking Innovation is a global growth‐sector. There are three types of banking innovations (on top of the regular IT investments done by banks): (1) In‐bank FinTech innovations – also known as FinServ innovations; (2) Neo‐Banks as part of the FinTech community; and, (3) Non‐Banking FinTech companies. Global FinTech investments almost hit the USD 10 billion mark in 2014 (USD 9.9 billion). Banking Reports’ research shows that 2015 is going to be the real point of inflexion: FinTech investments are expected to reach USD 19.7 billion globally. In the next 10 years – following 2015 – FinTech investment growth will be strong but not exponential, bringing circa 20 percent compound annual growth rate to the table. We have found highly significant qualitative and quantitative differences between the five continents examined in this report. While London and New York are jockeying for the global leader’s role, Australian banks are doing an exemplary and outstanding job.