Worldcoin Foundation Unveils World Chain Developer Preview, Paving Way for Mainnet Launch

The Worldcoin Foundation, the organization behind the digital identity project co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has announced the launch of a developer preview for its upcoming blockchain, World Chain. This significant step brings the project closer to its anticipated mainnet launch, expected later in 2024.

The World Chain developer preview, revealed on July 9, 2024, offers a select group of developers the opportunity to build, test, and provide feedback on the new blockchain infrastructure. Unlike traditional blockchain rollouts, World Chain is bypassing the testnet phase, allowing developers to work directly on a “gated mainnet.”

Built on the OP Stack, an open-source development framework maintained by the Optimism Collective, World Chain aims to integrate Worldcoin’s identity protocol, World ID, to enable real human transactions on a global scale. The blockchain is designed as a Layer 2 solution, secured by Ethereum and supporting both the Ethereum and Optimism ecosystems.

Remco Bloemen, Head of Protocol at the Worldcoin Foundation, emphasized the readiness of the underlying technology, stating, “OP Stack has seen plenty of testing already—we know it works.” Interested developers can apply for access to the preview through Worldcoin’s official website.

The developer preview marks the beginning of collaborations with several partners, including Alchemy, Safe, and Elliptic, who will provide tooling and infrastructure support. More partnerships are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

World Chain is positioned to address the rapid growth of Worldcoin user transactions, which have surged to account for nearly 50% of OP Mainnet’s activity in less than a year. To enhance scalability, the blockchain will initially employ a standard EIP 1559 fee market with a block gas target of 10 million, doubling the current capacity of OP Mainnet.

Additionally, the Worldcoin Foundation is integrating Reth, a high-performance Ethereum execution client developed by Paradigm, to further boost scalability. Georgios Konstantopoulos, General Partner & CTO at Paradigm, expressed excitement about this collaboration, aiming to break through the 1GGas/s barrier.

When the World Chain mainnet launches, it is expected to provide access to over 10 million people across 160 countries, allowing them to explore and use on-chain applications through compatible wallets, starting with the World App developed by Tools for Humanity.

The blockchain is designed to prioritize human transactions, ensuring faster confirmation times for those created by verified humans. It aims to support various decentralized financial and identity applications focused on real-world utility, including stablecoins, payments, rewards, lending, and swapping functionalities.