Optimizing Your Use Of Fintech Firms As A New Consumer

There are many exciting financial technology firms out there, hoping to renovate the standards of how we manage our finances, and developing products that put convenience first. But you don’t need to be a hyper-successful wall-street investor to understand these products and how they work. As a new consumer though, it can feel a little daunting to get started and understand what services are best for you.

Moreover, this landscape is changing all of the team. Only recently did popular challenger bank alternative Starling ban all cryptocurrency purchases, a move that seems to come straight off the heels of companies like FTX falling and casting shade on the crypto market.

So, fintech is an ever-evolving space, but to find your grounding in amongs all this dynamic progress, it’s good to know where to find your stability. In this post, we’ll determine how to make the most of it, how to stay informed, and also how to avoid bad advice and false promises which can occur in any developing space:

Use A Secure, Compatible Smartphone

It’s good to use a secure and compatible smartphone in order to make sure you can download the correct apps from the correct, vetted storefronts. Don’t download software to your devices if they’re not from reputable brands, or if they don’t have a security certificate. Moreover, consider what the data handling and privacy policy might be so you can understand how protected you are. Make sure you prepare your phone, such as its storage, as you don’t want to figure out the reason your phone’s storage is full when certain apps struggle to download.

For instance – a ‘banking app’ might not be an actual registered bank, meaning that there’s no protection of your funds if you hold them with the company. After all, being supportive and interested in new initiatives is slightly less important than staying safe and keeping your privacy and rights respected.

Secure Your Accounts Correctly

It’s important to make sure each account is secured correctly. This means you are careful about the content you allow apps to download, not only for the reason of worrying about your storage space, but so that malicious programs or tracking cookies are rarely on your phone.

From biometric support to denying tracking access, you can experiment with a few apps to see which one you like best. Perhaps you’ll use a virtual credit card you can easily delete from your banking app to try a free trial. This way, you get to explore the space and try new exciting services, without paying for the effort.

Familiarize Yourself With Customer Policies

It’s also essential to understand customer policies including how certain procedures may be implemented. It might be that you have a withdrawal limit on certain accounts, or that if a transaction flags the system, it might take up to a week to review. This can help you understand how to use each service – for instance, if you were to sign up to the previous example of Starling to purchase crypto from, you’d be in bad luck. Often, reading the customer service policy ahead of time can help you understand if a given brand is worth it or not.

With this advice, we hope you can optimize your use of fintech firms as a new customer, better deciding where to place your support.

Photo by RODNAE Productions