Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash- What’s the Difference?

Byline: Hannah Parker

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a cryptocurrency that aims to be an alternative to Bitcoin (BTC), the oldest and most traded cryptocurrency in the world.

Bitcoin Cash launched in 2017 by a group of bitcoin users who disapproved of the plan proposed by Bitcoin Core and believed that different technical decisions were necessary to bring Bitcoin to a wider audience.

Bitcoin Cash supporters believed that Bitcoin needed to be modified to compete with traditional payment systems such as PayPal and Visa. They advocated for lower fees to send transactions and preferred to shift these costs onto other parts of the network.

Bitcoin Cash made modifications to Bitcoin’s code, and released a new version of its software that was not compatible with Bitcoin. This effectively divided Bitcoin into two Blockchains (Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash) as well as two separate assets (BTC, and BCH).

Any user who owned BTC at the time of the separation could claim the equal amount of BCH. Bitcoin Cash has continued to improve its features and now stores 32 MB of data in every block. (Bitcoin now uses a completely different system to count its transactions data. Bitcoin Cash also borrowed features from other cryptocurrencies, including the functionality that allows users to launch new types of tokens on its blockchain or automated platforms. For example, platforms like Bitcode Method allow users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously.

The Difference Between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash are very different in how they approach overall design philosophy.

Developers of Bitcoin Cash generally consider consumer payments more important to increasing BCH’s value in the short-term. Users may therefore find it better suited to online spending.

Bitcoin Cash’s best feature is its ability to have larger blocks, which allows it to process more transactions for every transaction. This extra space allows users to avoid paying fees for Bitcoin that determine priority during times of high demand.

Bitcoin Cash users might have trouble downloading their own copy. Blocks are more expensive, so it may be more expensive to store and audit this record.

Bitcoin Cash users might also need to update their software more often and take more care. Bitcoin Cash’s developers are adding and changing features faster than ever before, so there is a higher chance that some will be rejected by the network.

Is Bitcoin Cash a Viable Investment?

Bitcoin Cash, like most cryptocurrency, comes with a level of risk. We may also learn from the differences between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash, depending on how the Bitcoin Cash markets develops.

Some fundamental questions that Bitcoin Cash will be facing at the end of 2022 include:

  • Is it possible for BCH to continue to subsidize users’ transactions at a lower cost? OR Will there be fees as the reward available to miners continues to decrease?
  • Is BCH more secure if there are multiple developers? OR will this increase competition cause costly bugs and software mistakes?

Bitcoin Cash can be purchased on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Kraken and Coinbase. To buy Bitcoin Cash, you need to create an account and deposit money. You can also purchase Bitcoin Cash through platforms such as PayPal.

After you have purchased Bitcoin Cash, you can keep your coins in a crypto wallet as an investment, trade them for other coins or use them to make transactions.