How to Start a Career in Fintech

One of the fastest growing industries in the world right now, the Fintech sector has taken the world by storm, particularly in the last couple of years. Everywhere you look, you’ll see examples of finance and technology working together in harmony. From digital banking tools to mobile apps, and even the rise of the blockchain, there are use cases everywhere. If you like the idea of being involved in a fast-paced landscape growing at a phenomenal speed, then you could be perfectly positioned for a career in the fintech landscape. This environment has a lot of opportunities available for would-be professionals right now. However, you’ll need a plan of action to help you make your transition into this new world.

Know Your Options

First, it’s worth looking into the benefits and kind of jobs you can get in the industry. Many of the most common roles in the industry are connected to data science and analytics. This usually involves using technical tools in the digital landscape to assess financial information and create reports for agencies or larger companies. You could get involved with the global banking system, or work on the backend of a financial team for one of the world’s leading firms. Another option could be to go to the disruptive side of the industry and look into artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many financial companies are exploring this landscape right now to help with things like automation and security. You could even look into things like becoming a digital financial advisor for someone investing in cryptocurrency, the options are endless. Once you consider becoming a financial advisor, you may be interested to know how to market yourself as a financial advisor so you can perform effectively.

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Work On Your Education

While there are a wide range of career options available in the Fintech world, they almost all come with some manner of educational requirement. You’ll need to hone your skills in both finance and technology to work as an analyst, consultant, or tech professional. This could mean applying for a specialized degree which combines to the two areas or working on a degree where you can take different minors and combine them together. It’s also worth committing to long-term learning strategies, so you can continue to expand your knowledge as the marketplace evolves. The good news is there are various kinds of college scholarships and grants out there which can help you to find funding you need to get your education, so getting a degree doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Build Your Network

Who you know is almost as important as what you know in the Fintech landscape. Especially if you are entering the fintech space as an entrepreneur your connections will be critical. In this space, you need to be willing to constantly connect with new people and expand your horizons. Attend industry events whenever you have an opportunity, and make sure you’re part of forums and online groups committed to the sector. Talking to people in the landscape will help to give you a better idea of what you want to do in your career, and should even improve your chances of getting certain jobs. More importantly, building your network will also give you plenty of people to learn from in your new career.