Visa Ramps up Crypto Efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean

As interest and consumer adoption of digital currencies continue to surge globally, Visa today announced that its crypto efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are substantially advancing with new local card-based partnerships and other crypto initiatives that are poised to unlock several opportunities for businesses, governments, and consumers to access the future of digital money.

Through crypto-linked credentials crypto exchange consumers can make purchases in local fiat anywhere Visa is accepted, purchase crypto assets with existing credentials, and receive cashback in Bitcoin or other digital currencies. “In the context of Latin America, cryptocurrencies are a concrete solution to improve the life of people. At Lemon, we want to contribute to the crypto revolution across the region, and for that we offer a 2% cashback in Bitcoin for all purchases made with Visa credentials,” said Borja Martel Seward, Co-Founder of Lemon.

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