Jupiter launches new program for its 100% digital banking app

Bringing an instant, personalized and seamless banking experience to everyone, Jupiter- a 100% digital bank, has now opened its app to more users. Founded by FinTech veteran Jitendra Gupta, Jupiter is built on a ‘user-first’ ethos.

To win users’ trust, the company has introduced its ‘Mission Invite’ program to let existing users invite their friends. If you don’t know any Jupiter user, you can still get in: just request the existing community for access. Or try downloading the app to see if you can get one of the limited exclusive invites, right from the makers of the app.

Having received a good response from early users thus far, Jupiter aims to on-board 1 Million accounts in the next 6 Months. As on date, it is onboarding more than 3000 new customers for saving account every day.

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