Bitcoin SV Features in Dubai Investment Summit

It was almost three decades ago when the Internet went live and the world suddenly changed in all aspects. An online universe was created and new industries were formed. Global business flourished as distances became shorter and communication became easier. In the same way, blockchain technology will create an on-chain world wherein data is the most important commodity of the digital economy.

This is what Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President off Bitcoin Association, said during his keynote presentation at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 13th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai, with the theme of “Family Offices Uniting Together to Build a Better World.” The business summit held last December 8, 2020, was attended by Royal Families, Sheikhs, prestigious family offices, private investors and global business leaders from more than 30 countries. 

The family office delegations involved in this grand event, which represent a combined $4 trillion in wealth, discussed relevant business topics in light of the current pandemic to some of the world’s most prominent families so as to invest in the right technology to preserve and grow businesses for a better and brighter future.

Why Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV, with its emerging blockchain technology – dubbed as the next big thing since the Internet, has set the stage for its vision of one global chain. Bitcoin SV provides blockchain solutions to major data problems that plague businesses today, such as intermediaries creating inefficiencies, separate information silos making public and real-time data sharing almost impossible, data being private and inaccessible, no native way to transmit payments with data, and consumers not being able to own and monetize their data. 

“Bitcoin was introduced to the world as an electronic cash system to reinvent Internet payments by getting rid of intermediaries and using a distributed ledger of transactions, organized into blocks, connected across time. But those blocks can contain more than just payments, they can contain the most valuable commodity of our digital world—data. And therein likes Bitcoin’s bigger vision. The fusion of data and money to connect everything,” Nguyen said during his keynote presentation.

By restoring the original Bitcoin protocol and uncapping its data blocks through the Genesis Upgrade, Bitcoin SV now has a stable network protocol—much like the Internet, but better—that is ready for global adoption. This means that global businesses, even national governments, can use the Bitcoin SV blockchain to record huge volumes of data in a public, immutable, tamper-free and legally safe manner, at the same time using it as a way to transmit monetary payments with data.

“We believe that data can make the world better, more honest, more connected. And we believe in a world where there will be only one ultimate, big public blockchain, just like we operate on a single public Internet,” Nguyen further stated.

Hundreds of private businesses and industry leaders have already placed their trust on the Bitcoin SV ecosystem to develop platforms and applications for their various needs. The number is expected to skyrocket as more and more become aware of the power that is blockchain technology.