Penta integrates DATEV

Penta, the digital platform for business banking, becomes an official partner of the DATEV marketplace and integrates the DATEVconnect online interface. 

For Penta customers, this means that they can now manage their preparatory accounting conveniently and digitally directly from their business account – the perfect symbiosis between banking and accounting. It is the first cooperation of this kind between DATEV and a digital business banking platform and is part of Penta’s strategy to also assist larger medium-sized companies with many employees and more complex accounting. The DATEV integration is now available to all customers with the Penta Premium Plan. 

Concretely this means:

Now Penta customers have the ability to attach receipts directly to any bank transaction and synchronize them, for example, as part of the monthly statement directly to DATEV Unternehmen online via the DATEVconnect online interface with just a few clicks. In DATEV Unternehmen online, the customer can now simply complete preparatory accounting and hand it over to the tax accountant.

This saves entrepreneurs valuable time and money. According to a study (Plum Consulting, 2017), small and medium-sized companies spend around 80 to 100 days a year on administrative tasks – 23 percent of which are swallowed up by accounting alone. Tax offices that already work digitally with DATEV report time savings of 25 to even 50 percent, which is particularly evident in the preparation of annual financial statements. In addition, the risk of data loss is reduced because incoming and outgoing invoices no longer have to be passed back and forth between the company and the tax accountant by means of a physical “pendulum folder”, but can be forwarded securely in a digital form. 

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