The New Technology Essential For Effective Risk Management In Digital Banking

The current financial paradigm refers to a new stage marked by technological changes, where in addition to supplying the physical market, a response must be given to the digital one. It is in this field, where financial corporations, faced with the demands of the new generations, have a market niche, having to guarantee omnipresent access to banking services.

Digital Banking is here to stay, digital support offers a greater and better service (24/7), a total interaction capacity, access from different devices, payment security, comfort, speed and movement management. It has known how to adapt to the new habits of customers and adopt new working methods, reorient itself and offer exclusive services that drive and foster competition, such as experiences thanks to the automation of processes when launching personalized digital products and services, focusing on the client, a priority objective. Digital financial operations have multiplied exponentially and, with it, the risks. It is unapproachable to give you a physical answer, by time, volume and risk. The development of software and the use of new technologies allow to manage the exponential volume of risks in a precise and agile way, giving an efficient and personalized response to the client.

The COVID-19 pandemic, more than a disruptive process in the financial sector, has been an accelerometer by activating investment in digitization. In fact, it has been an unrivaled investment boost, whose aim has been oriented towards the new normal of strengthening customer service, offering personalized service, adapting supply to demand and anticipating their needs to be competitive. “It has gone from saying to fact, from talking about digitization to using it as part of the clear strategy of the entities,” says GDS Modellica CEO Antonio García Rouco.

Digital Banking services represent an opportunity to expand the financial niche, hand in hand with digital transformation, developing customer-focused virtual channels and services. GDS Modellica, aware of the new needs of the sector, has developed flexible solutions that enable financial companies to create and improve strategies in a faster, more convenient and personalized way, maintain compliance within a very strict regulatory environment, in addition to helping them in the acceleration of the business cycle, adapting it both to the granting of loans and loan proposals, always with maximum security, with agile and efficient decisions after analyzing risk management.

GDS Modellica covers the entire risk cycle from admission, client management, fraud, collection and finally regulation with specific solutions based on four comprehensive pillars ranging from data analytics, consulting, 

Its decision management process is applied to multiple products, for this it performs calculations, executes formulas and models, according to the variables to make safe decisions. The bank itself draws its risk strategy and puts the decision-making gear into operation through internal tools and architecture.

Transforming the information that arrives and is stored into knowledge and treating it to provide each client with a single-channel experience is key to being more competitive, making risk-free decisions and achieving a successful business trajectory.


GDS Modellica, with a worldwide presence, is a credit risk management software company. He has successfully collaborated with hundreds of financial institutions, minorities, insurance companies and various organizations in more than 36 countries for more than 15 years. The entity provides decision software and analytical technology that help companies manage risk processes, combat fraud and generate profitable relationships with their clients.