HMBradley’s new credit card offers awards that adjust to spending

via Tearsheet

Challenger bank HMBradley has announced a new rewards credit card that adapts to how customers spend their money. 

How it works: The card offers customers 3% cash back for purchases in their highest spending category, 2% for the next highest category, and 1% for additional purchases each month.

  • The card automatically adapts to how people spend their money and doesn’t lock them into spending in particular categories.
  • The card mimics HMBradley’s Savings Tiers, which rewards customers with higher interest rates the more they save.
  • Cardholders who spend at least $100 per month with their HMBradley card are also eligible for a bump up to their next Savings Tier level.
  • The company also unveiled its new full-featured mobile app.

HMBradley cards are available for customers who opt-in via the company’s One-Click Credit feature, which delivers customized offers for credit in the app’s “Credit Offers” dashboard. When a customer accepts an HMBradley offer, she can see her credit limit, the cost of the credit offered, and the credit terms.

The HMBradley card is issued by Hatch Bank, a digital-first bank that’s focused on fintech partnerships, combining API connectivity with expertise in loans, deposits, and payments verticals.

HMBradley launched earlier this year and counts PayPal founder Max Levchin as an early investor. The young challenger bank differentiates itself from its competition by its focus and incentives around building long term savings.

“We created HMBradley to provide a better way for people to bank; every aspect was designed with their needs and concerns in mind,” said Zach Bruhnke, co-founder and CEO of HMBradley.