Digital Banking Service Provider, Finanteq, to Launch New Programs for Financial Institutions to Help Cope with Coronavirus Pandemic

via Crowdfund Insider

Finanteq, a software and consulting firm that specializes in digital banking solutions, recently launched a new program for banks.

Andrzej Sierpiński, managing director at Finanteq, stated:

“The number of [physical] bank branches has been decreasing for years. But as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, many organizations have closed branches completely. To help banks in overcoming the crisis we are offering two of our solutions free of charge till the end of the pandemic.”

Sierpiński confirmed that the solutions may be implemented easily and will aim to replace brick-and-mortar locations with a fully operational digital-only banking platform.

One of Finanteq’s main solutions, the Pocket Branch, serves as a remote channel for banks. It will aim to provide the assistance they require as they struggle to cope with major challenges, following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Pocket Branch allows customers to access banking services through audio, video, or text chat.

The platform has been developed for mobile and web or desktop-based applications.

Finanteq’s second product is called Extentum. It’s described as a no-code tool for extending digital banking capabilities. Banks will be able to integrate new features without having to  introduce updated versions of their web and mobile-based systems. The solution may be used to digitize normal banking processes that were only accessible when customers would visit a physical branch.

Bank customers will be looking for ways to make adjustments to rapidly changing financial circumstances, due to the Coronavirus crisis. Pocket Branch aims to provide the assistance people need through chat, screen-sharing or co-browsing features.

Artur Małek, head of marketing at Finanteq, noted:

“Our digital branch will also help in giving video advice to VIP customers, transferring documents or verifying clients and authorizing transactions.”

Finanteq’s management said that it recognizes the Coronavirus as a pandemic according to how the World Health Organization (WHO) has defined it (officially declared on March 12, 2020).

The Fintech company confirmed that the promotion for its products will end when the WHO announces that the pandemic is over.