Tally picks TruNarrative for onboarding and ID verification

via FinTech Futures

Alternative physical asset account Tally has chosen TruNarrative’s unified platform solution for its customer onboarding and identity verification processes, reports Jane Connolly.

Tally is the first banking app that offers an alternative physical asset currency for everyday spending. One Tally is one milligram of vaulted gold owned by the customer, which can be spent through Tally’s platform and debit Mastercard.

“As a fast-growing innovative company, we wanted to be able to scale fast and offer our customers a high-speed, low-friction onboarding experience,” says Tally’s CEO, Cameron Parry. “At the same time, compliance and security are critical factors to our success – we strive for best-in-class standards. The partnership with TruNarrative provides us with a no-compromise solution that fulfils all of our criteria for onboarding customers.”

John Lord, CEO of TruNarrative, adds: “In a world of fiat and crypto currencies effectively being promises rather than assets, Tally has a really interesting and ground-breaking idea.”

By integrating through TruNarrative’s API, Tally will be able to build bespoke Know Your Customer (KYC) and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) journeys, along with sanction checks and document verification.

The solution also provides Tally with the ability to adapt its onboarding process to meet its future compliance and industry needs