Release Token to be Listed on LATOKEN on 20th November

The team behind the RELEASE ICO Project has officially announced that the RELEASE Coin (REL) tokens powering the project will be available on the popular LATOKEN crypto exchange platform on 20th of November 2018.

For those who aren’t aware of LATOKEN, it is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform and was listed in the Top 50 exchanges list by CoinmarketCap. LATOKEN has over 80,000 active traders, supports more than 180 crypto-exchange pairs and features a meager fee for withdrawal and trading transactions.

As LATOKEN is among the top-rated crypto exchange platform in the world with over $30 million worth transactions done on a daily basis, listing the RELEASE Coin within the platform will draw great investor attention to the token.

The RELEASE Coin token is one of the critical assets of the RELEASE ICO Project as will play a significant role in the RELEASE social commerce platform, which is slated to release on March 2019.

The RELEASE social commerce platform will be one of a kind SNS (Social Networking Service) platform that will merge the benefits of social media and e-commerce with the help of blockchain technology.

The RELEASE social commerce platform will allow registered users to contribute content and earn based on the views on the post. For each picture on an article, the author will be rewarded with RELEASE Coin tokens worth 0.1 points which convert to 0.1 Japanese Yen.

Not just the contributors, but people reading the articles within the RELEASE social commerce platform can also earn by evaluating the article regarding comments and shares.

The same principles can also be used to function the platform as an efficient e-commerce website where people can easily list goods for sale and customers can rate the service by the seller thus helping future customers. Moreover, the implementation of smart contracts within the RELEASE social commerce platform will also make selling and buying services quite efficient as well.

All payments for buying and selling of goods and services will also be made using RELEASE Coin tokens, which can then be further used within the platform or be converted to other crypto or fiat currencies.

When launched, the RELEASE social commerce platform will become the most advanced social media and e-commerce platform in terms of security and efficiency.

As the RELEASE platform is backed by blockchain technology, all user and transaction data within the platform will be stored in decentralised locations and will be highly secure from any hacking threats.

Moreover, the platform will make use of AI-backed deep learning techniques which will learn from user behaviour within the RELEASE platform and will only provide users with content that matches their interest. Users will also be able to get fast and relevant results for their search queries as well.