Arival Bank’s Jeremy Berger: we are eager to work with SMEs who are involved in STOs

On September 20, second day of Consensus Singapore, Jeremy Berger (Life.SREDA VC Portfolio Director, COO Arival Bank) gave a speech on the digital banking revolution at a meetup dedicated to the future of financial markets.

The event was marked as the first Asian meeting of Security Token Club – an international expert community focused on asset tokenisation, the recent trend in global financial markets.

As a guest speaker, Jeremy outlined the key issues SMEs are currently facing and described how Arival, the first digital fintech bank aims at solving them.

«Security Token Meetup provided a valuable outlook on the advantages of this rapidly developing market and the unique position we expect it to take within financial markets.  As a bank, Arival is eager to work with SMEs who are involved in STOs (security token offerings) and excited to advance in the realm of financial innovation together».

Jeremy’s co-speakers were Brian Brackeen of Kairos project, which pioneered the first security token offering in the US, and Alexey Shadrin of Evercity.

Life.SREDA is a leading fintech venture capital firm in Singapore. While contributing to making Singapore a fintech center of the world, Life.SREDA aims at expanding its competences to help businesses discover the new world of digital banking with Arival Bank.