Modular Blockchain as a Service for Data Center Resources- Everything You Must Know

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Also known as distributed ledger technology, Blockchain is on the verge of becoming a platform of choice for all those who believe in online transfer of funds. Already it has been predicted that Blockchain would rule the next generation of the Internet. Although a decade has passed since the launch of Blockchain by Satoshi Nakamoto, still it remains a source of regular innovation.

Now, when it comes to the data center, it can be stated that the data center emerged as an instrument for back-office processing and now it has been evolved into a complex network of distributed, interconnected, and virtual systems with which communication is possible from all over the world. Internet has given birth to the cloud computing service which is the basis of data center resources. Cloud computing has made it necessary for all companies to rent “servers” or computing resources. This is where Unchainet comes in. The latest innovation in the spotlight making the best of both the blockchain world and cloud computing world is Unchainet. It provides an entirely innovative and hassle free approach to the cloud computing service.

Data centers have a variety of forms ranging from private clouds or public, on-premise location or co-location data centers as well as micro modular edge data centers. Unchainet provides a platform for all developers, providers and clients, where they can buy and rent computing resources along with high quality optimum security from any part of the world.

Not too long ago we saw the evolution of traditional corporate data centers into a very complex ecosystem encompassing partners, shared resources, providers and distributed facilities. Unchainet has come up with a platform that is capable enough to deliver innovative system management. This platform can be easily installed on the hardware.

As pointed out by Don and Alex Tapscott in their book Blockchain Revolution, Blockchain is that ingeniously simple yet revolutionary protocol that can promote transactions in an anonymous and secure manner. The entire concept of blockchain has brought forward tamperproof ledger of value for promoting secure transactions. And Unchainet is one of the most efficient providers of this platform.

Blockchain systems have promoted a trust among peer to peer business interactions. It is replacing the multiple layers of trusted intermediaries like banks, brokers and notaries by promoting a system where transactions are recorded on a distributed ledger or Blockchain and each participant has to agree that the ledger’s contents are tamper proof and valid. This system can also help in promoting many asset management functions in a complex data center environment. It can ensure systematic maintenance, tracking licenses or recording adds and changes. Various data can be shared with operators, administrators and suppliers without any hassle. For example, all stakeholders can share a ledger consisting of configuration changes and can allow patches to be delivered safely and securely to their destination systems.

Not only this, Blockchain technology can be used for payment of fees and accounting. It enables both the equipment provider and the customer to share the ledger and use smart contracts for automating payment procedures. It is gradually helping the boundaries of the data center to get blurred. For example, hybrid cloud computing enables the combination of public cloud with on-premise cloud and legacy systems. But all these require better tracking of the system which can be achieved with Unchainet.






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