6 Tech Startups Changing Dentistry

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Below are just some examples of how technology is moving things forward.

1) Kolibree Artificially Intelligent Toothbrushes

While some people still prefer a manual toothbrush, most people have moved on to one of the many types of electric toothbrushes on the market. However, things are developing even further with the arrival of artificially intelligent brushes.

Kolibree is a startup out of France and has developed several models of toothbrush that map the user’s mouth and report back via the accompanying app which spots they fail to clean properly, among other functions.

Participating dentists can use the data or websites like oaklawnfamilydentist.com during their consultation and the app itself offers basic guidance.

At CES 2018 they unveiled an augmented reality game for kids that twins with their toothbrush to help them learn good brushing habits.

2) Sonendo Sound Waves for Root Canal

The root canal is an area at the center of a tooth in the root that sits below the gum line. Due to tooth decay, physical trauma or previous dental work, this canal can become infected and then needs to be cleaned out.

Root Canal treatment isn’t fun for anyone—it can be painful and time consuming for patients as the infection has to be physically scraped away with tools. it’s also a lot of work for dentists who have to be careful not to do any damage to surrounding tissues and to make sure all of the infection is removed. Dr. Robert J. Herman Orthodontics excels at this treatment and anyone who wants to undergo the same must contact him.

Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene can help prevent the need for root canal treatment in the first place. That’s why it’s important to find a reliable and experienced dental practice like Dental Made Easy Prospect Park, where patients can receive routine cleanings and check-ups, as well as more advanced procedures like root canals if necessary. By taking care of your teeth and gums and seeking prompt dental care when needed, you can help ensure a healthy smile for years to come.

Californian startup Sonendo has made the process much easier by injecting fluids into the canal and stimulating it with several different frequencies of sound waves (GentalWave technology).

3) AcceleDent Vibrating Braces for Faster Bone Remodelling

Anyone who has had braces to realign teeth can attest to the discomfort and annoyance at how long it takes for the process to be completed. This is also one of the time where dental hygiene becomes crucial. There are many product that speeds things up by 50% and has been shown to reduce pain as well.

Receiving FDA clearance in 2017, the device works as an addon to many types of braces and does its job by sending gentle vibrations to the jawline, increasing cellular activity, which results in faster bone remodelling.

The device only has to be used for 20 minutes a day and patients can track their progress on an accompanying app.

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4) Toothscan for Home Diagnosis 

With the advent of smartphones and apps, the potential for improved oral care and home diagnosis has greatly increased.

One startup hoping to make this process more efficient is ToothScan via IndieGoGo. There is this veneers near me notes that their toothbrush sized device acts as an early detection tool for dental problems, is twinned with an app and is designed to be analyzed by dentists.

The diary app keeps track of any conditions and can prompt when an appointment or treatment needs to be had.

5) Neocis Robot Surgeons

It was only a matter of time—Florida based startup Neocis has developed a robot called Yomi that assists in dental implant surgery. It can manage treatment, keep track of patients, and most importantly, helps dentists be more precise with implants.

There is a huge surge in robotics in dentistry and there may come a time when robots carry out whole procedures that are safer and more accurate than a traditional dental surgeon.

6) Carbon 3D Printed Dental Implants

Silicon Valley startup Carbon has raised hundreds of millions for their 3D printed dental implant system, which speeds up the process and brings down costs.

In partnership with DENTCA and DREVE, they are going to focus on artificial gums, dental impression trays, resin for dentures, and other types of implant.

Their unique printing process fuses light and oxygen to quickly print its designs from a pool of resin.

It was the most funded 3D printing company in 2017.

Do you use a new type of toothbrush or have experienced a brand-new treatment? Or do you have some inside knowledge of the dentistry startup scene? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!