Goldman Sachs rolls out cyber war games suite

Goldman Sachs is to provide its 8000+ developer community with a gamified cybersecurity training programme addressing attacker psychology, digital countermeasures and breach response.

The bank has teamed with the UK’s Immersive Labs, founded by former professionals from GCHQ, to roll out the browser-based system, which enables staff to test their cyber-resilience.

The platform allows cyber security teams at organisations of all sizes to compete against one another in games which develop security skills such as malware analysis, digital forensics, ethical hacking and more, encompassing over 300 scenarios. Feedback from the gaming environment helps firms assess the performance of their teams and to discover previously hidden talent.

Andy Ozment, chief information security officer and head of tech risk at Goldman Sachs says: “There is a critical shortage of cyber professionals across the globe which makes it difficult for organisations to find talented individuals and puts added pressures on existing cyber professionals to keep their skills sharp. Immersive Labs provides an innovative solution for training and identifying new cyber professionals and honing the skills of existing ones.”