Personal finance app Fintify readies for UK-India launch

UK-based cross-border personal finance app Fintify is preparing to launch into beta as it aims for the non-resident Indian (NRI) market.

The start-up offers an aggregating and monitoring app to let users see their total net worth across assets and liabilities both in the UK and India.

Fintify says: “Less frequent logging into your bank accounts to check for transactions or balances means less chances of cyber criminals accessing your bank accounts… also no more forgotten accounts and passwords!”

Ameet Gaikwad, co-founder of Fintify, tells FinTech Futures it is in closed beta awaiting the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registration as a registered account information services provider (RAISP).

There are no specific timelines yet as it is getting things ready, but Fintify says the app – via algorithms – will offer such features as predictive cash-in-hand balances, and tracking investment risks and returns.

In terms of the NRI market, the company says India is one of the preferred destinations for NRIs to invest in.

It explains: “Apart from the emotional attachment of investing in one’s motherland, it is also one of the fastest growing economies.”

It is currently inviting people to sign up on its website for the beta version.

Fintify’s other co-founder is Javed Memon. He has worked at Infosys and Credit Suisse. Gaikwad also has plenty of fintech experience – having been employed at HSBC and Infosys.