Tango Card Receives $35 Million

Digital rewards-as-a-service platform Tango Card may be doing a little dance today. That’s because the Seattle-based company just closed a $35 million round of funding, bringing its total funding to $54.8 million.

The growth equity investment comes from FTV Capital. Tango Card plans to use the funding to grow its Reward Delivery Platform and Rewards as a Service API, scale its Rewards Geniusdashboard, offer new integrations, expand internationally, and boost hiring at its Seattle headquarters.

“Our mission is clear – make rewards easy to send and awesome to receive,” said David Leeds, CEO and founder of Tango Card. “In the past, incentive programs were highly manual and the results were difficult to track. Tango Card delivers an enterprise-friendly solution that is easy to integrate, customizable, and expansive in its catalog of rewards and incentive offerings, serving over 2,000 satisfied customers that trust and rely on us to help them scale their business.”

Founded in 2009, Tango Card helps companies recognize and reward employees, engage with existing customers, and motivate potential customers. The company demoed its Rewards-as-a-Service (RaaS) API at FinovateFall 2016. RaaS is comprised of multiple elements, including customer creation, account creation, funding, catalog support, ordering, and reporting. With these methods, customers can integrate a full rewards program into their app to incentivize consumer and employee behavior.

Leeds said that the company began searching for a growth equity partner last year. Given FTV’s similar vision and 20-year track record, Leeds said the firm was “the number one partner” on its list. Tango Card will also benefit from FTV’s Global Partner Network, which offers Tango Card a list of potential enterprise customers. As a part of today’s transaction, FTV’s Chris Winship and Robert Anderson will join Tango Card’s board of directors.

In the press release, Winship described the B2B prepaid space as “a $100 billion global market opportunity,” adding, “Tango Card provides an industry-leading solution that capitalizes on this shift to digital, enabling its enterprise clients to efficiently use rewards and incentives for numerous use cases and to achieve business goals such as driving employee engagement and retention, improving employee culture and wellness, and incentivizing customer activities.”