Westpac extends Banking Skill to Amazon Echo Spot

By WestPac

Westpac has today announced its customers can now access the Westpac Banking Skill offered via Amazon Alexa on Echo Spot, Amazon’s latest voice-enabled and touchscreen device.

The Westpac Banking Skill available on the Echo Spot gives customers the option to interact with their finances using voice-enabled commands or by displaying the information requested on the device’s screen.

Martine Jager, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Westpac Group said there has been strong interest in the Westpac Banking Skill.

“With 85 percent of Westpac customers who own an Alexa device using it to access their account balances, we wanted to evolve this feature to suit the new digital touch screen.

“The beauty of voice technology is it’s continually evolving and we are learning new things every day. We are seeing a rise of a new ecosystem driven by the customers’ choices, tailored and personalised to their needs.”

Westpac customers who have enabled the Westpac Banking Skill on Echo Spot and linked it to their Westpac account can check their account balance, recent transactions and reward points status for up to three accounts using its voice-enabled capabilities and by selecting the accounts displayed on its touchscreen.

“Voice and video technology is paving new ways for us to help our customers in the moments that matter to them. It won’t be long before we will be enabling banking transactions via voice, letting customers make purchases,” Ms Jager said.

The Westpac Banking Skill on Echo Spot is underpinned by Westpac’s online banking platform. Currently, customers cannot transfer funds or make a payment via the Westpac Banking Skill.

Westpac’s Digital Labs team worked closely with the Amazon team as part of its continued partnership to bring the latest range of cloud-based banking functionalities offered on Alexa across to Echo Spot