FundedByMe: We Have Now Crowdfunded Over €50 Million Since Launch

FundedByMe, an investment crowdfunding platform based in Sweden but operating in multiple countries around the world, has surpassed a new milestone. FundedByMe is reporting having topped €50 million (SEK 500 Million) in crowdfunding since platform launch as of March 2018. The platform  continues to expand internationally hiring new employees as well as a strategic ventures in other countries. Today, FundedByMe has a local presence in Dubai, Finland, Malaysia, Poland and Singapore.

FundedByMe co-founder and CEO Daniel Daboczy, says;

“Never in our wild dreams could we have imagined we would reach these numbers. Given that it took us a whole year to raise the first million, it’s humbling and amazing to see the execution of our team, network and technology that we’ve built. This is still just the beginning of our journey that changes and improves the financial world and reaching this number motivates us even more to work even harder.”

Arno Smit, co-founder of FundedByMe, adds that he is overwhelmed as to what they have achieved in the past years;

“Fintech with scalable global technology enables more people to gain access to capital. It offers a large group of people opportunities to look at and consider whether they want to be a part of entrepreneurs journeys.”

FundedByMe explains that more investors than ever are discovering crowdfunding and FundedByMe sees an increased inflow of quality companies looking to use crowdfunding as a part of their strategy.

Michaela Berglund, hired as Chief Marketing Offering this past February, says FundedByMe offers something new to private investors and the half a billion raised is indicative of solid demand;

“FundedByMe is a pioneer, which gives the company a unique position, but also an obligation to be responsibly shape the future market for unlisted companies. We want to make investing in unlisted companies an option for everyone, in other words, available to both women and men in a wide range of ages. We already see that female entrepreneurs and investors dare to take more space with us than in other traditional financial investments”.

So far, during 2018, FundedByMe reports 11 campaigns have already reached and passed their 100% goal, an increase compared to the 33 campaigns in 2017.