LendingTree rolls out free credit monitoring service

By Lending Tree,

LendingTree, the nation’s leading online loan marketplace, today announced the launch of a free credit monitoring service within the My LendingTree platform.

In partnership with TransUnion, LendingTree monitors users’ credit profiles daily and sends alerts of any changes or potential suspicious activity within 30 minutes of the credit report being updated.

Inaccurate information on credit profiles can impact credit scores, and with millions of Americans affected by data breaches every year, it’s important to act quickly on unauthorized activities. My LendingTree users will receive notifications when changes or suspicious activities are reported in their credit report, including push notifications on their mobile device for users of the LendingTree mobile app. Once logged in, consumers can confirm or dispute changes and activities on their credit report like new accounts, credit inquiries, delinquencies, account status changes, and more.

“LendingTree empowers consumers with the information they need to feel more confident in their financial decision making,” said Charles Battle, Senior Director of Product Management. “By adding free credit monitoring to My LendingTree, we’re making it even easier for consumers to manage their credit and monitor their financial health.”

Launched in June 2014, My LendingTree is LendingTree’s financial intelligence platform that allows users to monitor their credit health and identifies potential savings opportunities. With over 7 million users enrolled, the platform provides consumers with completely free credit scores, an analysis of their credit report that highlights important changes, and grades for the six primary factors that influence their score. The dashboard displays information on existing financial accounts and loans, including credit card accounts, mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans, personal loans, and student loans. My LendingTree alerts users when an opportunity emerges to save money, based on real-time marketplace data on the LendingTree network.