Sberbank online toolkit for changing company constitutent documents

By Sberbank,

Sberbank has launched a new online service for small businesses which helps them to prepare the documents needed to make changes to charters and constituent documents of individual entrepreneurs and limited liability companies.

The service allows documents to be created when changes are made to company addresses, OKVED (Russian Industry Classification System) codes, in the event of new CEOs being appointed, and other changes to companies’ constituent documents.

“The key advantage of this service is that clients don’t need to take the time to visit the tax service or send documents by post. If a user has an electronic signature they can do all this online,” commented Senior Vice President of Sberbank and Head of the Corporate Business Block Anatoly Popov.

The new service is accessible to Sberbank clients and other users via its website.

The flexible pricing policy takes into account different needs and features several service options. For 9,900 roubles per year, the unlimited plan is best suited to those who often make changes. Submission of 10 sets of documents a year costs 4,900 roubles. A single use of the service costs 900 roubles.