How to find the nearest location to buy/sell bitcoins

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way people transact business in the modern world. It is not only helping to grow businesses across the world but also enabling people to interact and grow together. It has grown over time and so far, it is recording a great progress of how different people are adopting it. Selling and buying of bitcoins can be easy when you have a starting point.

Find out the legit sites available

It may be challenging to get sites from where you can buy or sell Bitcoins. Different organizations have come up with legit sites that enable bitcoins users to trade securely. View the detailed locations of the sites and platforms, and determine whether they facilitate buying and selling of Bitcoins in your local area.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish between legit sites and those that are a scam. It is, therefore, important that you always carry out research on the internet and weigh the options that are available for you.

Reading site reviews is a great way of determining the legitimacy of a site. Through different people’s experiences buying or selling bitcoins on a certain platform, you will know which one to cross out and which one to try out.

Some of the most trusted platforms for the buying and selling of bitcoins include Coinbase, CEX and LocalBitcoins. These offer trusted platforms for sellers and buyers to meet, interact and transact business. Additionally, sites like LocalBitcoins, CEX and Coinbase are well-secured

In as much as you may not need to provide very private information such as your bank account details with LocalBitcoins, it does not mean that there are no scammers. On the other hand, CEX and Coinbase require your bank details. However, there are various ways through which you can get help whenever you need.

Another reason to buy or sell bitcoins via legit sites is the presence of customer support. Escrow also withholds funds until the parties confirm a successful purchase. Conspicuously, forums can be a good way for you to learn from others. You will know the pros and cons that come with trading via the platform you about choose.

Discover the payment methods available

Buying and selling of Bitcoins are seamless when you know the types of payment methods available on the different platforms you want to also depends on whether you want to transact locally or internationally.

If locally, you can find someone that can accept the local currency in exchange for Bitcoins. However, some of the international payment methods available include Paypal (indirectly), Web Money, Cash Deposits, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfer, Amazon Gift Cards, Neteller, Money Brokers and Skrill. For example, LocalBitcoins uses all the above methods for transactions.

Additional info you need to know about buying and selling of bitcoins

There is some fee that you have to cater for while transacting. In most cases, the buyer is not charged. It is the seller of the Bitcoins that has to pay a small fee depending on the requirements of the site or platform being used. For example, the fee charged at Coinbase can either be conversion fees or exchange fees which can sum up to $8.00.

What can Bitcoins do for you?

There is a lot that we can do with Bitcoins. The various options include changing it to your currency, using it to pay for goods and services since it is an acceptable payment method, or investing in Forex and getting returns later.

It is worth noting that the Bitcoin rates are always fluctuating. However, selling and buying of bitcoins will always be an advantage for buyers and sellers with a solid trading knowledge and experience. In conclusion, the nearest location for buying and selling Bitcoins is always next to you, thanks to online tools, platforms and marketplaces.