How to become famous on Instagram: the only guide you need in 2019

Instagram is surely one the most preferable social application or a networking platform which caters more than 200 million users every month. There are massive numbers of people who are active on Instagram and share a lot of images and get billion so likes on their posts every day. Now, when you get this much fame on Instagram, then who doesn’t want to become popular if given a chance on this huge platform?

To have a fan following and being influential for a large population seems to be quite pleasing but accomplishing this is surely not going to be easy. You could always follow certain best tips that could assist you in becoming famous on Instagram. So, we have come up with the ultimate guide you could follow for becoming admirable on Instagram. Let us look at the top 7 tips for getting famous on Instagram which is discussed as follows:

1.    Know your passion thoroughly

It is crucial to be aware of what is the X factor in you. For instance, if you are passionate about poetry, then you can steal the attention of users by posting the awe-inspiring poems, shayaris or short stories in the form of images and captions. Also, if you see yourself as an emerging singer, then Instagram would be the best choice for promoting yourself and extending your reach to other customers.

So, it is necessary to gain a proper understanding of your passion. It is because if you are genuinely talented, then you will work well and gain more followers on Instagram. On the other hand, if you aim at getting publicity for something you are not good enough at, then you will be mocked at by the people and in turn, people would make fun of your not so good skills.


2.    Make sure that your content is authenticated and genuine

High-quality content is what followers look for especially when you are using Instagram. More is the uniqueness of your content, highly is the likelihood that you will get more support and love from the audience. Make sure that if you are posting images to engage the audience, then it should be high-quality images and not the ones with lower resolution.

The experts have found that one should post more than 20 images at least that could gain attention from users and it should be attractive enough to make more people follow you on Instagram.

3.    Be innovative with hashtagging

Other than posting meaningful captions, you must also take care of hashtagging on your post. Use hashtags ingeniously such that it conveys your story somehow. Make it funnier, add spicy content to it, and be ironical while writing certain posts- just make sure that it doesn’t sound boring! You can also hire talented people who could write more engaging content for captions and appropriate hashtags, the most popular ones such as Instafollow, for increasing more followers on your page.

4.    Be consistent with posting content

For gaining more followers and enhancing your popularity, be regular while posting content. it is always recommended to post at least one high-quality content on your Insta page even when you are already famous. Whenever you think that you have crossed your target for gaining a significant number of followers then you can lessen the number of posts on your page but whenever you are progressing towards becoming famous on Instagram and then make sure to post new and unique content regularly. It is because more posts will help you in better engagement and you may go to the top of the list.

5.    Make sure to be active locally

You should be aware of what is going on in the area you are living in such as the neighbourhood, a place where you are looking for advertising for your page, or about an event at a specific place). You should actively search your page and look for the tab “Places” and selecting the right places for promoting your content and other activities online. Also, by typing the place, you can refer to the other posts in that specific location.

6.    Market your content smartly

If you see any person as the influencer in your vicinity (here, the influencer is the person who creates an influence on the people who are your target audience), you should have a look at their profiles. And also, there is an option for turning on the post notifications on Instagram which you should select so that you can always get a notification whenever they share new posts. You should also enhance the interaction with them on a regular basis and should try to be in their good books.

7.    Look for the most appropriate time for posting content

Whenever you think of getting popular on Instagram, then you should keep an insight into the most optimizing time for posting your content. You can choose you’re posting time as per viewing the records of the time when most followers are active on Instagram. It is important to sufficiently interact with your audience hence, synchronize with their timings. Also, figure out about the choices of your users and keep it in mind while posting content on Insta page.


Hence, these are the top 7 tips that you must know in order to start your journey on Instagram to become famous. These tips if followed correctly could assist you in getting more popular and a better fan following on such a broad social media platform.