Top Growing Fintech Start-ups of 2019

Financial Technology famously known as Fintech is a new trend in the financial sector.  At its core managing finances, cryptocurrency, fund transfers, managing investments and more such automated ways to deal with money is what Fintech is all about. While the company has drastically taken over the global economy, every organization has begun tying up with Fintech to streamline their working environment rather than the more orthodox approach.  While there are thousands of Fintech companies with billions in market value, here are few of the top growing Fintech Start-ups.


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  1.  Seed Invest

An entrepreneurs dream, Seed Invest is an online platform that helps start-ups get in touch with investors and provides a more convenient way of crowdfunding. Various options starting from angel investors, equity crowdfunding and venture capitals are provided by the platform. It is a leader in its market with companies like Virtuix, Knightscope, HelloMD and being successfully funded.

  1. Finder

Finder is a multi product based company providing it’s services across the globe. Major distribution include australia, France, Italy, Turin and more. Their services branch into tool making and automation, design and development, quality assurance, marketing, sales and more. It has shown a steady rise in market share and has proven to be a key Fintech company.

  1. Acorns

A smart way to save, Acorns supports customers save and benefit through small investments. Set Up recurring investments on a daily basis and ear through your “spare change”. Acorns has shown steep growth and is projected to get taller in 2019. Furthermore, it has tie ups with 250+ companies including Nike, Apple, Uber, AirB&B and more. So when you make a payment to these companies you automatically save with Acorns.

  1. Transfer Wise

Transfer wise Challenges the banking system. Making overseas transfer wallet friendly. Where on one hand banks charge a hefty sum for cross borders money transfers, on the other, Transfer wise claims it is 8 times cheaper. Racing in the market it has reached a customer base of more than 8 million customers. It has tied up with MasterCard to provide its customers with financial cards. Running on android and Apple store, the company is a Fintech star.

In the conclusion:

There are various other Fintech applications and organizations that are slowly making a mark in the global market helping individuals and start-ups grow. Fintech is smarter, faster and more secure. Looking at the growing graph a lot of start-ups have begun associating themselves with Financial Technology and by 2020 it is predicted that the market of Fintech would go up in billions.