Money app Yolt hits 100,000 UK users in less than six months

By Yolt

Yolt, the money app owned by ING, has reached 100,000 registered app users in less than six months of Open Beta in the UK.

Yolt allows users to view their accounts and credit cards in one place. Other features include setting budgets, tagging purchases and comparing the best options for international money transfers.

With the launch of Open Banking just around the corner, Yolt’s rapidly growing user base suggests that consumers aren’t just embracing it but welcoming the impending changes.

Yolt is already demonstrating the benefits of open banking to consumers and is an example of how API integrations work, through a recent link up with challenger Starling Bank.

Frank Jan Risseeuw, CEO, Yolt, said:
“News of our registered app users reaching 100,000 is a fantastic milestone for Yolt and ING and we are really pleased we have reached this number ahead of time. We’ve made it this far with the feedback and suggestions of our brilliant community – with the arrival of open banking in 2018, we’re looking forward to giving our users even more choice and control over their finances.”