Over-the-Counter Trading and Exchange

Trading with CoinCola

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been evolving steadily as the demand for innovative trading tools and traditional financial services grow due to the increasing adoption of blockchain technologies into the mainstream.

Speculative digital asset trading initially fuelled the cryptocurrency gold rush of 2017 and now more than ever, consumers and investors of all shapes and sizes are looking for a way to trade their crypto with ease, speed and as cheap as possible.

On the CoinCola cryptocurrency trading platform, for example, traders can buy and sell bitcoin instantly using two different trading options. Users can access either a peer-to-peer trading option known as over-the-counter (OTC) or a classic cryptocurrency exchange with trading pairs.

Over-the-Counter (OTC)

On the CoinCola OTC Marketplace, it’s never been easier to exchange fiat currency (local government issued currencies) into crypto, which contrasts to exchanges that only allow for crypto-to-crypto trades. CoinCola supports OTC trades with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Tether, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

OTC trades take place directly between two users with CoinCola providing an online escrow to securely hold crypto funds during each transaction. Users can post advertisements specifying their preferred payment method, the price they’re wish to buy or sell at, the amount they wish to buy or sell, plus any other trading terms. Trades are initiated and completed at a fixed price that is agreed upon by both users prior to the trade. This avoids the risk of volatile markets causing any unwanted losses, also known as slippage.

Trading through the CoinCola OTC platform comes with some of the cheapest rates available. OTC trading fees on CoinCola are 0.5%, half that of the nearest competitors.

Exchange Trading

Cryptocurrency exchanges offer versatile trading options; most cryptocurrencies are paired with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) and on CoinCola, the base currencies are BTC and USDT.

Using these cryptocurrencies, users can trade their coins via the CoinCola exchange for Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Cryptocurrency trades made this way are similar to that of traditional stock markets where one asset is traded for another based on present market prices, which are determined by factors such as supply and demand.

Through the exchange, traders can profit from price movements and furthermore are able to set up market orders that trade quickly with a 0.2% trading fee.

Which to choose?

Take into consideration what your goals may be when it comes to cryptocurrencies; if you are seeking to explore bitcoin before others such as Litecoin or Ethereum, then OTC trading is the most simple way to purchase bitcoin directly.

If you are looking to create a cryptocurrency portfolio and trade one coin against another, then using the exchange is a great way to do so. Through CoinCola, you can cash all cryptocurrencies out on the exchange to fiat easily, through the OTC marketplace.

Venezuela Expansion

CoinCola is expanding into Venezuela, a country that has been hit hard by an economic crisis which has resulted in Bitcoin amongst other cryptocurrencies such as Dash being adopted by those who see digital currencies as a means to combat the issue.

With its OTC marketplace and exchange, CoinCola’s operation in Venezuela includes the establishment of a team there as well as special offers exclusive to Venezuelans (0.5% OTC transaction fee for advertised trades and 0% transaction fee for advertised Dash OTC trades. Both offers available until October 31st, 2018).

The OTC marketplace feature will benefit those seeking to easily and swiftly purchase bitcoin. Furthermore, on the CoinCola exchange, there will be zero fees when trading Dash, a cryptocurrency that has partnered with CoinCola to aid in the crisis. In addition to this, CoinCola is also offering a 50% commission share referral scheme bonus for OTC trades.

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